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Leading Crytocurrency
Investment Company

Millions of people with a shared ambition of financial freedom are drawn to the $5 trillion per day Cryptocurrency. Active Assetsdex has mastered the art of blending technical skills essential for Cryptocurrency success with a dedicated corporate team, state-of-the-art headquarters, and a love for assisting folks with a strong desire to improve their life.

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Transparent Reporting
Access trade results easily and check Active Assetsdex historical trade results. WebTV with up to date trade ticker in member back-office! And Copy trade connect you directly to our results.
Fast Payment
Experiencing Trading success from the Active Assetsdex platform is critically important to all our members, equally important is being able to access trading gains. Active Assetsdexmakes using Cryptocurrency gains easy for all, regardless of your technical abilities!
Our team can advise you on this cover and provide you with a very competitive quotation and ensure that you get adequate coverage for your investment with us.
Layered Security
Our passion is to assist you in your success; however, our technicians also make sure all platforms are protected with state-of-the-art security ensuring long-term results for our global membership.

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The Trading Academy

We've created a lot more than a Cryptocurrency investment and trading platform. Active Assetsdex's Trade Contracts combine Academy learning with real-world Cryptocurrency success. Cash users can use the Active Assetsdex automated trading platform to take advantage of all Active Assetsdex trade technology while working through the Trade Academy packed curriculum. It's never been easier to learn at your own pace. You can make money while learning.